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Why Dine with South Lake Pizza?

A Commitment to Our Craft

Excellent food service starts with one thing – you. South Lake Pizza has a passion for not only preparing amazing pizzas, but providing a variety of solutions for all types of diners. We’ve committed ourselves to sourcing high-quality ingredients and delivering only the freshest meals prepared with handcrafted ingredients that day. We’re also committed to providing healthier options for all customers that still capture that savory, irresistible taste, like our Vegan Pizza “Casey Special”. When you dine with us, it’s like cheating on your diet without any of the guilt.

It’s what you put into your meals that count. Enjoy some high-quality dining today at prices that are fair for everyone at South Lake Pizza.

Discover the Delectable Cuisine That Awaits You at South Lake Pizza...

Options Available for All Diets

South Lake Pizza considers everyone when curating its menu. Select from a variety of standard, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options to help you enjoy your meal with us. If you have any special dietary restrictions that we may not be aware of, please let us know! Our chefs will be happy to tailor your food for a healthy, safe dining experience.


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Hello, my name is Meghan, and this is why I love working at South Lake Pizza

My Favorite Pizza:
How can I choose just one?! They're all amazing! But if I have to… my top pick would definitely be the Dubuque pizza. Picture this: marinated chicken breast, crispy bacon bits, red onions, and freshly cut mozzarella cheese, all perfectly balanced on our specially crafted seasoned white herb sauce. Seriously. Heaven in my mouth! It never fails.
My Experience:
Working at South Lake Pizza has been a life-altering experience. It's not just a job; it's a place where I've found a second family. Together, we craft delicious meals from scratch (I love to cook), share our lives (lots of laughs), and treat each other like kin. The support from both management and coworkers is incredible, and the genuine connections we make with our customers are heartwarming. South Lake Pizza is where my smile finds its home.
My Journey:
My journey at South Lake Pizza started in June 2022, coinciding with my journey towards recovery from addiction. Now, after nearly 16 months of sobriety, I stand tall, living a life free from mind-altering substances (with the exception of coffee…Yummm!) From being a cook to taking on delivery duties and becoming a part-time manager, this job has provided me with stability and support to grow and restore my life. Beyond the workplace, it has also positively impacted my role as a parent to Luke, Sarah, and Asher, allowing me to create a loving and stable environment for them. Additionally, it has led me to actively engage in the recovery community, extending the supportive work conditions I cherish to a wider circle, where I find strength and the opportunity to inspire others on their own paths to recovery.
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